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TEACH How to Fish® is an impact model focused on the Person and oriented towards the social dimension of sustainability.
With an innovative approach based on a renewed economy, that of cooperation for abundance, we aim to empower and make people who live in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion autonomous, through their own potential, in order to restore their dignity, putting an end to the condition of poverty in which they live and their dependency on assistance.


We know that this process is new, challenging and very ambitious as it includes training through education and training, as well as employability and the creation of own businesses.

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), THF Model is currently working, directly or indirectly, on 14 of the 17 objectives considered. Find out more here.

Each Person, child or adult, in self-confidence has developed talents and strengths, recognizing in himself all the enormous potential necessary to live a dignified life free from poverty in total autonomy, without the need for the presence of people or external entities in the management of their life.

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Empowerment, autonomy and self-sustainability.
We work in 6 Areas: Self-confidenceHousing, Food, Health, Education & Training and Employment.
We define short, medium and long-term strategies in two ways, "giving the fish" (assistance) and "teaching to fish" (training).

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At by THF we provide Training, Consulting and Team Building services focused on the development of human skills.
by THF is the first social enterprise in Portugal. We provide an innovative, sustainable business model with high social impact.

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