It is as a TEAM that we transform lives.
For us, PEOPLE are the most important. We are a team where each person is fundamental within their individual strengths and skills, where each one wants and contributes in a unique way to the common good.

We have in common the defense of the truth and the valorization of transparency, respect for culture and diversity, sensitivity and empathy, love and a sense of service. The greatest dream of seeing the gifts and talents awaken in each one, of seeing all children and adults live in autonomy a dignified life free from poverty.

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Ana Garrett

Neuropsychology & Training

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Cristina Cavaco

Psychologist, Training & Coaching

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Manuel Pinto

Manuel Pinto

 Board of Directors

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Susana Garrett Pinto

Susana Garrett Pinto

Founder & Visionary in Action

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Artur Brito

Artur Brito

Advisory Board

Eloise Pires de Lima

Heloise Pereira de Lima

e-secret@ry & Advisory Board

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MARIA JOÃO Bobone Gourley

Maria João Bobone

Advisory Board


Carmo Garrett Pinto

Co-founder & Advisory Board


Isaac Loh

Co-founder & Advisory Board

Natalia Figueiredo

Natália Figueiredo

Advisory Board


Carlos Miguel Santos

Advisory Board


Luís Lopes

Advisory Board

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Rueben Aguilera

Ruben Aguilera

Advisory Board

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Veasna Tong Tum

Educational Program Partner


Vera Costa Pereira

Advisory Board

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If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity that allows you to contribute with your experience and put your talents to service, we are your team! We have a common vision and we are with open arms to welcome everyone who wants to walk this path with us. Join us!