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It is as a TEAM that we transform lives.
For us, PEOPLE are the most important. We are a team where each person is fundamental within their individual strengths and skills, where each one wants and contributes in a unique way to the common good.

We have in common the defense of the truth and the valorization of transparency, respect for culture and diversity, sensitivity and empathy, love and a sense of service. The greatest dream of seeing the gifts and talents awaken in each one, of seeing all children and adults live in autonomy a dignified life free from poverty.

Ana Garrett.jpg

Ana Garrett

Neuropsychology & Training

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Cristina Cravo by THF_1.jpg

Cristina Cavaco

Psychologist, Training & Coaching

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Manuel Pinto

Manuel Pinto

 Board of Directors

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Susana Garrett Pinto

Susana Garrett Pinto

Founder & Visionary in Action

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Artur Brito

Artur Brito

Advisory Board

Eloise Pires de Lima

Heloise Pereira de Lima

e-secret@ry & Advisory Board

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MARIA JOÃO Bobone Gourley

Maria João Bobone

Advisory Board


Carmo Garrett Pinto

Co-founder & Advisory Board


Isaac Loh

Co-founder & Advisory Board

Natalia Figueiredo

Natália Figueiredo

Advisory Board


Carlos Miguel Santos

Advisory Board


Luís Lopes

Advisory Board

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Rueben Aguilera

Ruben Aguilera

Advisory Board

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Veasna Tong Tum

Educational Program Partner


Vera Costa Pereira

Advisory Board

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If you are looking for a volunteering opportunity that allows you to contribute with your experience and put your talents to service, we are your team! We have a common vision and we are with open arms to welcome everyone who wants to walk this path with us. Join us!

We have created THF's CODE of ETHICS and it is an honor to share it with you. Please consult here.

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