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We intend to transform dependence on charity into self-support, in order to allow a dignified life in autonomy for all human beings.
If, on the one hand, the human and financial resources at our disposal are increasingly conducive to putting an end to the scourge of poverty in all its forms, we know that within each human person there is an infinite range of talents and, at the same time, a will that is often made unconscious to take advantage of opportunities that only a life free from the constraints of assistentialism can guarantee.


THF Model was launched in May 2015, after the third international volunteering experience by the founder, Susana Garrett Pinto, earlier that year in Siem Reap - Cambodia and started with 10 families and about 100 children. We are currently working on the Project in Portugal and Cambodia, but we know that we will be able to replicate our method and have an impact anywhere in the world where necessary. 

Based in some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) defined, by coincidence, in the same year, a new global model for ending poverty, promoting prosperity, and achieving the well-being of all, and obviously with the Universal Declaration of Children's Rights and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We became members of Catalyst 2030 in early 2023, a global movement of people and organizations committed to achieving the UN SDGs by 2030.


We intend that all People who live in situations of vulnerability and social exclusion to become autonomous, whenever their condition allows, giving them the opportunity to develop their skills so that they are no longer dependent on charity and the presence of others (people or institutions) in managing their life. We intend to transform dependence on charity into self-support.
We want our presence to become absolutely unnecessary for the people or communities we work with, and that where we once saw the existence of poverty and dependence on charity, everyone could live a life full of dignity and autonomy.


Each face represents life and is unique in its history. Each Person has the necessary potential to reinvent themselves and with support and accompaniment, we will manage together to reverse their situation of poverty.


Fraternitytransparency, humility and integrity.


Humanism, respect for culture and diversity, frugality, empathy, a sense of service, and work focused on operational and sustainable efficiency with real social impact.

We know that each one has in him gifts and talents that will allow him to live a dignified life in autonomy.

Everything we do is voluntarily. We humbly serve those who need it most.

Some of the Work Developed since May 2015:

While we've helped hundreds of children and families indirectly, numbers aren't the most important thing for us. We care about each one, each life. We know the history of each person or family we work with and we know their names, their main challenges and their precious victories.We envision a future where the Children and Youth we work with today will be the leaders of the sustainable communities of tomorrow. Where each of the Women and Men we work with today have become autonomous and live in dignity.

We have created THF's CODE of ETHICS and it is an honor to share it with you. Please consult here.

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