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Employee Experience

We know how much you value your company's human resources, and that you recognize the importance of each person in achieving all your goals. But do you know how to remain a passionate and motivated leader who inspires everyone around you?

In a world in constant change, the transition from a company with its thinking and focus centered on the concept of "consumer experience" to the concept of "employee experience" is imperative.
Each of your employees is a potential customer of your brand.
In order to attract and retain each person and their talents, it is essential to value every moment: from recruitment, to feedback processes (from the manager to the team and from the team to the leader) and also to feedforward (defining how to promote talent in the future and create a motivational bond), ending with the fundamental employee exit interviews.

In fact, because everything starts in the company's culture, well-planned and targeted "team building" actions, which effectively involve employees in the company's values and vision, are of enormous power and impact for the company's success.

We contemplate:

  • Motivational events

  • Events in collaboration with TEACH How to Fish Partners (third sector)

  • In-House Training: Training with a social component in a real work context - B2S by THF

We contemplate:

  • Creating and/or Working on Organizational Culture

  • Employee satisfaction surveys (Feedback)

  • Build trust and develop talent (Feedforward)

  • Stimulate Self-Confidence and Cooperation

  • Establish a bond between employees and the company

  • Increase the motivation and autonomy of employees

  • Onboarding new employees

  • Create Solid and Dynamic Teams

  • Together we contribute to the Training of Unemployed People


Social Team Enabling

Social Team Enabling is a program for valuing human resources and encouraging successful integration

For the development of leadership skills and at the same time awakening good conduct in integration and relationships to foster team spirit and a healthy work environment.

Know more, contact us 

Formação, Sustentabilidade e ESG por by THF 1

by THF

Social Team is an innovative executive leadership program

For the development of talents and strengths, individual and collective, with total social impact.

Know more, contact us here.

Social Team

Formação, Sustentabilidade e ESG por by THF

by THF

Social Gathering

Social Gathering is a corporate networking program

To stimulate team spirit and awaken everyone to the importance of establishing a common vision for the company's objectives in a healthy work environment.

Know more, contact us here.

Formação, Sustentabilidade e ESG por by THF 3

by THF

Social Team Academy is an executive training program for cooperative leadership

For the development of leadership skills, while addressing themes of social responsibility to stimulate cooperation and encourage a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Know more, contact us here.

Social Team Academy

Formação, Sustentabilidade e ESG por by THF 2

by THF

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