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We work on various aspects of Training, Coaching and Mentoring with a focus on Personal Development, with senior management and employees, so that each one feels like a precious asset at the service of the company, stimulating individual commitment, essential for changing behavior as a team and improving performance, but also encouraging creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.We cannot wait for companies to transform. We, the People, are the ones who can change, and we can transform companies. In this way, the way of building a team is not only structured but also supported by the company's vision and objectives.
We have a team of experts made up of leading consultants, psychologists and trainers, and we recognize the volatility of the world we live in and the speed with which everything changes in the lives of companies. In this way, we work and present flexible training models adjusted to the challenges identified in your company, with the additional commitment to evaluate and measure the impact, reacting, whenever necessary, with the necessary adjustments.


We contemplate:

  • Training in the field of human skills with leaders and managers

  • Training in the field of human skills for each employee and the team

  • Coaching and Mentoring

Shared Value and CSR

  • training of tutors with a view to the successful integration of people external to the company who are unemployed, in other training actions in the organization within the scope of personal development: In-House Training in the context B2S by THF

Tailor Made is the training solution that we will develop alongside you

In order to adjust a response and solution that fits your needs and the culture of your company, we create flexible training or team building models, tailored to the objectives set out.

Learn more, contact us here.

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Through established synergies and partnerships, with business associations and specialized trainers, we also provide training plans and models that work directly within the scope of human skills and emotional intelligence, on topics such as Self-knowledge, Self-confidence, Communication, Active Listening, Language Empowerment, Emotion Management, Socioemotional Skills, among others.
For example:

A Comunicação na Liderança é o programa certo se pretende trabalhar características nucleares tais como a comunicação e a criatividade.

By choosing this program, you intend to work and expand communication skills, assertiveness and the promotion of training in a corporate context, in order to overcome personal and professional results and transform stagnant groups into highly collaborative, motivated teams and increasing everyone's level of commitment. 

Includes: Training

Know more, contact us here.

Formação e ESG by THF

Desafios na Liderança  -  A Comunicação

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