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Human management must have a prominent place in your company, and we trust that you recognize the importance of each person being aligned with the corporate culture to achieve objectives and follow strategies.
At by THF we develop tailor-made Programs, within our own approach, which can integrate services in the areas of
Training within the scope of personal development, Workshops and Immersive events (coming soon), Team Building with a Social and environmental component, and Consulting in specific areas . Through the Management model focused on People, models are followed that build and promote leadership capacity, trust, autonomy and proactivity to achieve objectives of a common commitment in the company, at the same time as creating highly collaborative teams that are encourages education for internal and external citizenship.

THF's Methodology has a dynamic and constantly updated content base, in order to work towards our promise of an innovative and impactful approach, but also because it is always adjusted and directed to the challenges and needs highlighted by each partner . It focuses on the humanization of the Person (in the business context and outside), in a leadership model that works and recognizes the importance of emotional intelligence within the organization.

Also, and within the scope of Shared Value Creation, we encourage your company to play an active and direct role in the sustainable resolution of identified social problems, mainly related to training and employment issues. With principles of creating joint value between the company and the community, we present solutions that align the criteria of the services we provide with the companies' core business, allowing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to stop being a cost or a merely charitable action, and become a model of innovation, impact and a competitive advantage for the company.

In this way, and additionally, we share experiences and services in the following areas:

  • Concepts and principles of social responsibility that make it possible to raise awareness of the potential and impact that each team can have on the community - B2S by THF (Business to Society)

  • In-House Training: Answers for sustainability in the fight against poverty and unemployment: training, curriculum enrichment, self-confidence, entrepreneurial thinking with a view to employability;

  • In addition to our statutes carefully designed to meet global solutions for the fourth sector, we also make a commitment that the net result will be applied to programs under the TEACH How to Fish impact model and also to social and/or environmental projects of partners.

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