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We know how much you value your company's human resources, and that you recognize the importance of each person in achieving all its goals. But do you know how to remain a passionate and motivated leader who inspires everyone around him?

Leaders play an essential role in promoting and positively impacting the work environment and creating highly collaborative teams.

Being a transformative leader requires taking risks but also creativity, curiosity and openness to new ideas. But it offers each employee gains far beyond personal gain: it rewards their own identity, critical thinking and creativity, while guaranteeing a mission and development of the entrepreneurial sense.
Transformative leadership is a model that works and encourages the creation and training of a team to achieve success, aligning everyone with a common vision and company goals. It cuts across all sectors and is leveraged in team-focused work environments.

by THF methodology focuses on the humanization of the Person (in the business context and outside), in a Transformative Leadership model that works and recognizes the importance of emotional intelligence within the organization. We cannot wait for companies to transform. We, the People, can change, and we can transform companies. In this way, the path of building a team is not only structured but also supported by the company's vision and objectives.

We work on various aspects of Training and Mentoring with a focus on Personal Development, with senior management and employees, so that each one feels like a precious asset at the service of the company, stimulating individual commitment, essential for changing behaviors as a team and improving performance, but also encouraging creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial sense.

On the other hand, we encourage your company to play an active and direct role in the sustainable resolution of identified social problems, mainly related to training and employment issues.

     We envisage:

  • Training in the field of human skills (communication, creativity, empathy and the concept of feedforward) 

  • Team Building Actions with a Social Component in a Real Work Context 

    Additionally, we may allow to:

  • Incorporate social responsibility concepts and principles that make it possible to become aware of the potential and impact that each team can have on the community - B2S by THF 

  • Answers for sustainability in the fight against poverty: training, entrepreneurial thinking and employability - TBS by THF

Discover some suggestions for available plans and approaches and don't hesitate to contact us.

Social Team is an innovative executive leadership program

By choosing this program, it demonstrates its intention to develop individual and collective talents and strengths, with total social impact.

Includes: Training / Corporate event with social impact

Find out more, contact us here.

Social Team

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by THF

Social Team Enabling

Social Team Enabling is a program to enhance human resources and encourage successful integration

By choosing this program, you demonstrate that you intend to develop leadership skills and at the same time encourage good behavior in integration and relationships to foster team spirit and a healthy work environment.

Includes: Training / Corporate Event with social impact

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by THF

Social Team Academy is an executive training program for transformative leadership

By choosing this program, you demonstrate that you intend to develop leadership skills while addressing issues of social responsibility to stimulate cooperation and stimulate the creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Included: Training 

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Social Team Academy

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by THF

Social Gathering

Social Gathering is a corporate networking program

By choosing this program, you demonstrate that you intend to stimulate team spirit and awaken everyone to the importance of establishing a common vision for the company's objectives in a healthy work environment.

Included: Training 

Please contact here.

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by THF

Tailor Made is a program to develop by your side

Through this program, we will build with you, as a team, a plan tailored to your vision and goals of your brand or company.

Let's do it by THF!

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by THF