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by THF also has a mission to awaken cooperation and empathy, the need to work in partnership to obtain sustainable results in each person's life.

We are at your side in training and recruiting your TEAM.
We work on a set of services and actions that allow, in cooperative work, that all social and economic agents have an active and direct intervention in the sustainable resolution of social problems.

We are by your side in the motivation and empowerment of your TEAM.
Together we will work on the biggest challenge for each person to achieve self-support: finding training and work solutions that meet the areas of knowledge or interest of people who are unemployed.
Through mentoring and team training, it is possible to work on motivation, self-knowledge, raise self-esteem, while enriching the curriculum and opening paths for job creation.


We are by your side to enhance your results.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is essential for your company to ensure positive financial results through direct actions with a positive impact on the communities or countries where it is present.

Your company's participation in this model of innovation and social impact can be shared through by THF "Stamps" on your website or on the company's social networks. 

Doing good is good for your business! 

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I remember perfectly the first meeting with Susana. I was somewhat surprised by her contact. At BA we are focused - at the level of OBSESSION - on increasing revenue. And it didn't make sense to have a contact coming from someone who makes volunteering their motto in life.
I couldn't be more wrong. Susana had many doubts and uncertainties regarding her dream. However, the clear certainty was that she wanted to be responsible for the recipe and its applicability. The first social enterprise in Portugal bears the signature of Business Avenue.

Vera Costa Pereira | CEO @ Business Avenue